American Classic Coffee Company is a veteran-owned and operated company located in Southern California.  My fine, high-grade specialty coffee is freshly roasted, and specially selected for its high quality and delicious tasting notes.  I’m serious about quality and will not compromise on providing you with the very best.  

 There are many new trendy coffee companies popping up online all over the place. They name their coffees trendy names and use gimmicks to attract customers. American Classic Coffee Company will never be a trendy company and will never use trendy names or gimmicks to attract customers. No way.

 I’m committed to providing high-grade specialty coffee to people like you and me, who consider themselves an Average Joe and enjoy great coffee but don't want to pay that trendy, FooFoo price tag. My coffee tastes exceptional and is offered at a price that allows me to continue in business but won't bust your budget.

 American Classic Coffee is the Anti-FooFoo Coffee Company. Yeah, you're likely to see grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and other web design "No No's" when you're on my site or read my blog posts but you'll also see genuine product stories and damn good coffee being offered at a price that's reasonable.

 I'm a regular guy who, like you, works more hours in a week than I like, spends more time away from my family than I like, and who likes getting his hands dirty from hard, butt-kicking work. This Company was founded to celebrate the hard-working individual who, rather than taking the easy way out, puts their nose to the grindstone and gets the job done.

 American Classic Coffee is the fuel that helps to get that job done.  

Life, Liberty, Great Coffee.


Spence Verhines
American Classic Coffee Company

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