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Whole Bean or Ground

About Squatch

Area of Origin: Central & South America
Growing Altitude: High Altitude, In Volcanic Soil
Milling Process: Hand-Picked, Wet-Processed
Body: Light to Medium
Taste Notes: Dark Chocolate. Ripe Orange, Black Cherry
Roast: Light
Blend: Yes, Three Bean

Sasquatch. Is he real or is he a figment of the imagination? Who knows? When I was a kid, my dad would take us out to the family cabin in the Ozark Mountains in Southern Missouri. He would tell us kids tall tales of all the strange creatures that lived in the woods out there. We knew all this was just made up stuff but it was always fun.

We never found any evidence of the Bigfoot creature out there but it was always fun looking. I looked, too!  I'd go hiking up on the jeep trails, go down by the river, and up to the natural springs to find tracks but never did find anything. It was a lot of fun looking though.

If you're going to be awake all night and remaining alert or rising earlier in the morning than most, you're going to need a smooth, highly caffeinated coffee. This coffee is a high-altitude grown, light roasted three-bean blend from Latin America. It has a hint of dark chocolate and is very tasty!

One more thing, if you happen to find evidence of or happen to get a photo of Bigfoot, send us a photo.  That would be awesome.