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Cabin Roast

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Whole Bean or Ground

About Cabin Roast

Country of Origin: Brazil
Growing Altitude: 1,150 Meters
Milling Process: Pulped Natural
Flavor: Chocolate, Hazelnut
Aroma: Almond, Chocolate, Floral
Body: Smooth
Rainforest Certified: Yes
Roast: Light
Cup Characteristics: Nutty, chocolatey, fruity, sweet aftertaste with vanilla and marzipan.

Imagine this. You wake up to the aroma of sausage and bacon frying, eggs cooking, and coffee brewing. Homemade biscuits are in the oven and the homemade gravy is cooking on the stove. There’s a roaring fire in the fireplace because it’s late fall and in the 30s outside and you’re wrapped up in warm blankets on the pull-out couch. As you open your eyes, still heavy from a good night’s sleep, you begin to take in your surroundings and remember you’re at the cabin. You see the mounted elk above the fireplace, the many deer mounts that are on the walls as well as the mounted bobcat looking down at you from up in the rafters.


This is how just about every morning at the cabin starts out when the family is out there. There’s no cable tv and cell reception is spotty at best so it’s a great place to unplug and get back to being a human again instead of some cell-phone-human hybrid that we’ve all become these days. As far as any news from the “outside world’ is concerned, you’ll get your news when you go into town to buy beer, bacon and eggs and talk to the person behind the market cash register or from static-y AM radio stations that still penetrate the surrounding Ozark mountains.  The news is given in short bursts between St. Louis Cardinal baseball commercial breaks.

Deer Head in Cabin

The cabin is such a great place! During the summer months, there wasn’t an air conditioner, so we’d spend a lot of time swimming in the river or sitting under the antique ceiling fan out on the breezeway. We’d take the old WWII era jeep or the four-wheeler up onto the mountain trails looking for nothing in particular. Every time we went there it was always such a great time. I learned how to deer hunt and fish out there. The first time I ever shot a deer was out there. It was a big buck. I was with my dad and shot it with a BB gun. He said I hit it but you know how dads are. I was proud that I hit the deer. Dad gave that moment and memory to me. Thank you, dad. Pop would take me down by the river or out to one of the natural springs and teach me about how to identify different animals by their tracks. We’d look for arrowheads and other Native American artifacts that may have been uncovered by the river or numerous springs and creeks out there.

Outdoors in the Lake

At night, us kids would sleep out on the breezeway and dad would tell us scary stories about a huge 20ft tall cyclops that would walk up and down the river at night and monster stories about RudyCudy and BobCob. Then there was RimClip. Haaaa! I’ll never forget those stories or those precious times with pop. He would take me out in the canoe to hang trotlines in the early evenings and then get me up early the next morning to check to see if we had caught any catfish or, if we were unlucky enough, a snapping turtle. We’d fish for bass from the banks and swim in front of the cabin or down at the big hole.

More Deer Heads

Janet, my second mother, makes the best meals out there. Her meals are like art and the aroma and various tastes can’t be copied. The breakfasts she made would make any top-drawer restaurant Executive Chef bow to the art culinary art she would create every day. Janet was always looking out for us kids. Bug repellant, sunscreen, etc. were always near her and if we got close, we’d get a fresh application of both. She loves us kids and we love her. Many of the great experiences we had at the cabin were due in large part to her. Love you, Janet.

Outside the Cabin

Throughout the years, dad and Janet have hosted friends and family out at the cabin and have created many beautiful memories., It’s a place where I feel I belong. I suspect it has that effect on many people. Friends of the family have spent many days out there on hunting and fishing trips or just to go out there to get away from the stress that life can sometimes bring. I believe Cabin Roast is a great representation of that cabin life I and others were privileged to experience. It’s a Brazilian light roast with chocolate and toasted hazelnut notes. Give it a shot. You’ll like it.