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People who drink coffee love great coffee.  We believe we have exactly that, Great Coffee!  Due to the feedback we’ve received about our various coffees, we’ve decided to move up the introduction of American Classic Coffee subscription service.

 As a member, you can choose the coffees you want, whether you want whole bean or ground, when you want to receive them, and if needed, you can edit your subscription at any time you wish.  There’s no minimum order, it’s easy to edit your subscription, and there’s no obligation to sign-up for a certain number of months. 

 As a member you will receive a 10% discount on your order in addition to free shipping.  Members will also receive discounts on new products and will receive free samples of new “spotlight” coffees that we have just introduced or are considering for future products.

 I can speak from experience, as I’m sure you can, running out of your favorite coffee and not being able to get more before the next morning sucks and can lead to a day where you’re just dragging all day long.  The saying, “coffee is coffee” isn’t true.  It’s a terrible lie!  Once you’ve had your particular favorite American Classic Coffee brand, running out somewhere to get a quick hit of caffeine is not a good experience.  Once you spoil yourself with American Classic Coffee, anything else is a terrible substitute. 

 Join the club today.  You won’t regret it.

Joining the club is easy.

When you reach the product page for the coffee you want to purchase, choose whether you want the 12oz or 5lb bag of coffee. Then, choose whole bean or ground. Next, choose the "Subscribe & Save" option. Once you do that, the delivery frequency will appear and you can tell us how often you want your coffee delivered. From there, just complete your order and you're on your way to receiving exceptional coffee at the time(s) you desire!

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