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Woodie's Brew

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Whole Bean or Ground

About Woodie's Brew

Country of Origin: Colombia
Single Source: Yes
Growing Altitude: 1,300 to 1,800 Meters
Milling Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried
Flavor: Sweet, Stone Fruit, Caramel
Aroma: Caramel
Taste Notes: Stone Fruit, Caramel
Body: Medium
Acidity: High
Roast: Light

Everyone has people in their lives who they love dearly and want to make proud. For me, one such person is my Grandpa Seabaugh. He was like a father to me and I love him very much, still, even though he has passed. My memories of Grandpa are all good and full of love. He loved his grandchildren unconditionally and was always there for us and we are all better people because he was a part of our lives.

He loved my Grandma and always put her first. Not long after they were married, he left for WWII. He was in an intelligence unit in the U.S. Army Air Corps and served in North Africa and Europe.  He wouldn’t talk much about it but I do know how much he missed my Grandma, because I was privileged to read some of their correspondence. He loved and missed her very much.

Granpa Seabaugh

Grandpa was a real tough guy. For as long as I can remember, he never took the easy route. He worked hard for everything he and my Grandma had and was always helping others in need but never flaunted what they had. He always kept it low key. He would buy my Grandma a new car when it was time for a new one but he always drove old vehicles. “Stuff” wasn’t important to him. His wife, kids, and grandchildren were his life. Everything else was just extra.

Spencer and Grandpa Seabaugh

A favorite memory of mine as a little kid is when he took me squirrel hunting on my great uncle’s property out in the country. We didn’t shoot any squirrels that day but I will never forget that time together. Another favorite memory of mine was going down to his roller rink – the Roll-O-Fun – on Saturday mornings to help him clean it up from the night before. After cleaning the rink we’d head across the street to the carwash that he and my Grandma owned and clean it up, do maintenance, or whatever needed to be done. I usually sprayed out the stalls and cleaned out the vacuum machines so that I could look for coins. He let me keep whatever I found. He’d give me a few dollars for helping him out. What a great time it was and I loved being with him. I was ten or eleven years old at the time.

He and my Grandma bought the rink when my mom and uncle were little. They were defacto parents to many kids in Jackson and because of that I couldn’t get away with anything. I learned early on that everyone knew my Grandma and Grandpa. Every once in a while people would come up to me and ask me if I was Woodie and Jean’s grandson. “Yes,” I’d reply, always with a smile because I was proud of that. It was evident to me that they were loved by so many people.

Boy Scouts

Grandpa was also very involved with my Boy Scout troop. Every year he’d go to Boy Scout camp with my troop and would also take the troop on trips in his Winnebago motor home. It was with his help that I earned Eagle Scout. He helped me with the service project, a bench we build to put up at the Greyhound bus stop in town. I wish I could find that bench today.

My senior year in high school I got to help my Grandpa restore an old boat that he built when my mom and uncle were young. I never got to see it out on the water because I had left for the USAF before it was completely restored.

On a boat

Grandpa was a great man. I miss him every day and wanted a way to honor him so I came up with the idea to name a coffee after him. If he were alive today he probably wouldn’t want me to do that because he was one to never draw attention to himself but he would be appreciative.

I believe this coffee captures who my Grandpa was. It's a light roast and more caffeinated than most coffees you'll find. It's smooth and not bitter. If you're going to be as active as my Grandpa was, working long hours and have many irons in the fire, you'll need the extra caffeine.

He was a man’s man, someone who never quit and always found a way to achieve the goals he set. He loved his family and went to any length necessary to ensure they always had what they needed. He sacrificed for his country, was a hard-working entrepreneur, and always looked for ways to show his children and grandchildren how much he loved them. Be like Woodie.

I hope you enjoy this (his) coffee. I know that if he were here, he would.

The Seabaughs