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Joshua Tree Organic DeCaf

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Whole Bean or Ground

About Joshua Tree Organic

Country of Origin: Mexico
Growing Altitude: 1,250 Meters
Milling Process: Pulped Natural
Flavor: Chocolate, Hazelnut
Aroma: Almond, Chocolate, Floral
Body: Highly Viscous, Smooth
Roast: Medium
Organic: Yes
Taste Notes: Dry caramel/molasses, warm spice, caraway, and sweet and savory.  
Cup Characteristics:  This coffee is versatile and can be used for espresso, espresso blends, and drip coffee.

The perception that decaf has to be weak, is an outdated idea. Joshua Tree is made with coffee beans from Mexico, using a gentle, chemical-free, decaf process. The elements of mountain water, temperature and time are used to eliminate 99.9% of the caffeine, while creating some of the world’s most intriguing decaf coffee.

This coffee is super smooth and clean, with a balanced acidity and great body.  You’ll notice the almond, chocolate and floral aroma, then the hazelnut and chocolate flavor. You may even notice an interesting nutty note, somewhat like toasted sunflower seed.

Joshua Tree is versatile, for espresso, espresso blends and drip coffee, that is good enough to drink any time of the day.