Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty

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About Zero Dark Thirty

Area  of Origin:           Far East, Central America
Growing Altitude:      Low to High Altitude
Milling Process:          Wet-Processed
Body:                             Full
Taste Notes:                 Dark Chocolate, Nutty
Roast:                              Dark
Acidity:                           Low
Blend:                             Yes
Cup Characteristics:   Perfect for drip and espresso


Zero Dark Thirty is the fuel you need when you have to wake up in the very early morning while most of the world is still asleep.  It provides the wakefulness needed to stay awake through your mid or grave shift and if you're fortunate enough to work a nine-to-five, it can help prevent that after-lunch carb crash that so many people suffer through.  This blend is a highly caffeinated coffee that will give you that jolt of energy when needed.

Who Should Drink Zero Dark Thirty:  Anyone who needs energy.

Taste Notes:  Explosive energy.  Just as the label says!